Young Maestros

For Mason Gross School of the Arts Extension Division of Rutgers University Saturday, April 21, 2012 in New Brunswick, NJ. Jody Somers/J Somers Photography LLC/

Our Young Maestros Program is the ideal introduction to musical study for young children ages 4-6 (piano & violin), and ages 5-7 (guitar). Students will learn basic musical skills (steady beat, rhythm, note values and names) while playing games and making new friends.

Sections of Young Maestros are available for aspiring young pianists, guitarists, and violinists.

The small class size of six students ensures each child receives individualized instruction and develops a firm foundation for musical growth in preparation for private music lessons in any instrument. Students participating in Young Maestros Piano must have access to a piano or keyboard at home for daily practice. Students participating in Young Maestros Guitar must have access to an appropriately sized guitar for home practice.  

Young Maestros I focuses on basic music theory skills and simple songs that prepare students to read and play music. In Young Maestros II, students continue building music theory skills, including basic note reading and playing simple songs written on the staff.

The Young Maestros curriculum incorporates music theory games and materials from the renowned Music Mind Games® curriculum by Michiko Yurko, music theory texts from Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, and Nancy and Randall Faber’s My First Piano Adventure® series of lesson books (for piano sections), the FJH Young Beginner Guitar Method (for guitar sections), and the Suzuki Violin Method (for violin) to create a fun and effective class designed to set your Young Maestro on a path of exceptional musical growth. 

Prior experience in Music Together® is recommended but not required. Students registering for Young Maestros II must have previously taken Young Maestros I.

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