Try-it-out Small Group Instruction for Beginners



Beginners of all ages are welcome to try out a new instrument in one of our ‘Try-it-out’ small group instruction packages.

Try-it Out instruction is a small group, hands-on, 4-lesson package that introduces students to an instrument – it’s repertoire, and fundamental technique – and to the basics of musicianship. Students work with a lead instructor who specializes in working with beginning students. Each student must provide her/his own instrument (piano excepted). A method book or musicianship book is included in tuition.

Try-it Out instruction is an affordable first-step for students and families seeking to make an informed choice regarding their choice of instrument, and who wish to become familiar with standard methods of instruction appropriate to that instrument. The goal of Try-it Out instruction is to transition students into one-on-one lessons with an instructor at the Extension Division. Students completing a Try-it Out class will receive a one-time 10% discount on private lesson enrollment.

Students who have some experience playing an instrument will be placed in a class with students of similar background. Placement will be made based upon information submitted in the form below, and, if needed, by an interview with an Extension Division staff member.

Adults are invited to participate in Try-it Out lessons. Placement will be made with other adult learners.

Try-it-out classes are great for…..

  • Students ‘graduating’ out of the Extension Division’s Young Maestros classes.
  • Upper elementary school students (4th grade and up, in particular)who are just starting an instrument at school – or who are in their first years of study – who wish supplement their school-based instruction and enhance their participation in their school orchestra or band program.
  • Middle school students who wish to start a new instrument, or who wish to supplement their school-based instruction.
  • Adults wishing to learn an instrument.
  • Students wishing to start the study of a second instrument.

How to register

Students interested in this opportunity should complete the form found here. Each class requires a minimum enrollment of 3 students. Classes are formed throughout the year. Our office will contact you regarding scheduling once we have enough students to form a class.


$125 (includes $15 materials fee for repertoire or musicianship book and four (4) one hour long classes.)